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Develop strong study skills to help you think, learn & problem solve.

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Improve test scores and grades by working closely with all our tutors.

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Reach a new level of personal academic success with support of our team.

Step Up Academics is a group of academic tutors that provide academic support in all core subjects for students in grades 7 through 12. Through one-on-one attention, our tutors work with your student to develop independent study and organizational skills.

We believe that every student can cultivate skills that will make him or her an academic all-star. We work with your student’s teachers to find ways to tailor our engagement with your student through a customized plan adapted to your student’s learning styles and passions. Schools cannot always give students the attention they need to unlock their full potential. With a little Step Up from us, we know that they can succeed.

Academic Tutoring

Tutoring Programs

At Step Up Academics we focus our approach on making smaller, achievable goals to make these big obstacles seem possible. Additionally, with open and honest communication about stressors and assignments, we take away our students’ apprehensions about taking on larger projects.

Moreover, parental involvement is integral to achieving this goal. Our system of tracking assignments ensures that we have zero surprises and therefore can efficiently plan a student’s time based on their upcoming assignments. Having open lines of communication with parents can also make certain that the student will come in for help even when they do not have something that is immediately due.

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Stay in the Lead

Your student is doing well at school but could benefit from some extra help to reach potential goals. We will provide one-on-one tutoring as needed, promote effective habits, and provide a distraction-free space to complete assignments along with any support needed.

Get Ahead of the Curve

Your student will work with us daily to keep on top of assignments and upcoming tests. We provide one-on-one tutoring and will develop a customized plan to organize academic life effectively as to achieve success in all subjects. We also work with your student to monitor grades and missing assignments and plan accordingly.

Catch Up to the Pack

If your student is struggling to stay afloat in a difficult academic environment, we will provide intensive one-on-one intervention to create a unique learning plan, including active collaboration with teachers, and empower your student to strive for better grades.

“Working with students that struggle academically and helping students find solutions to help themselves succeed is what I really enjoy doing. Seeing a student happy with their grades after all the hard work they put into their classes, is really exciting and gratifying to me.”

Andrew North

Founder & Principal

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We are currently looking for enthusiastic Tutors, to join our Tutoring Team! If you’re energetic and care deeply about helping students we’d like to talk to you.

If this sounds like you, apply by completing this online form. Please give us some background on your education, achievement and subject expertise.

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